Wk 4 run3 - run around town

Best run yet. I couldn't fit in my run in daylight, and then had to deliver offspring to an activity in town, so I decided to run round the town, as our village paths aren't very well lit (which is fine by me - why live in the countryside if you don't want to see the stars?). The running was fine - I even added added a bit extra on the end, as I was still feeling fine, so I did a *ten minute* run! So I'm not scared of that week 5 run 3 any more - well, only a little bit.

Town running was good because it was different scenery (river, shops, churchyard) and I felt very holier-than-thou trotting past people going out to eat, or ambling round smoking cigarettes. Not so good was worrying whether I might trip over loose paving stones (not easy to see them properly with varifocal glasses!) and hopping round previously-walked-in dog poo.

So now I feel pretty good. Overall pace was no faster than week 2, which surprised me, as I did speed up several times, and thought it would have been quicker overall, but I really don't care, as it's the getting fit that/s my target, and there's no doubt that I am very much fitter than I was just a month ago. And I suspect if I had been running faster, I wouldn't have been able to do that extra 5 minutes at the end. I must remember that for week 5 - keep steady and keep going

Greetings to all fellow week 4/5ers - fingers crossed that by the end of next week, 20 minutes will be done and dusted!

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  • I think its definitely wise that we all pace ourselves as we progress. Steady as she goes!

  • An extra five minutes?

    You're going on my list so you are!

    Well done Greeny, I finish Week 4 in the morning, I do not expect to do anything other than the five minutes though....

  • It helped a lot that the town was all flat, and all my other runs have had hills in (little ones, but hills all the same). So, cheating a bit. (I didn't actually expect to dothe extra bit, it just felt ok at that point. However, you will be allowed to laugh if I ache badly tomorrow!)

    So, Ed, remind us, which week are you on, with your 4 miles?! Pace yourself he says!

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