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10k training - run 1 done

I started my 10k training on Monday with a 3 mile run which I did on my treadmill at home. My darling 14 year old son came in just as I was finishing my run and I was dripping with sweat and said "Mum you look a bit hot, may I suggest you drink some water" - bless!!

Today is a rest day and tomorrow I can either rest or do a 30 min brisk walk, however I have just received my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD (which I thought I could do as cross training) so might have a go at that instead. Then Friday is a 3.5 mile run and Sunday a 4 miler.

I also found out that my friend at work has also signed up for the same 10k as me but she has done a few half marathons and a full marathon in the past so much more experienced. I might be able to wave as she passes me.

It's good to have something to focus on, will keep you posted on my progress.

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Well done, morningglory!! Best wishes for your next runs!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Oooh, how exciting! Deffo keep us posted.

Love your son's comment - at least he's paying attention.

I know that you will totally equal your friend.

Mind you that 'shred' is brutal! Let us know how you get on?


Such a sweet son! We have a 14 year old daughter that I could probably be passed out next to the treadmill and she would never notice. ;-) Sounds like the run was great and enjoy the DVD! Gayle


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