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Only an hour or so to go to my second run of week 1. First run went OK ish apart from picking up a pain to the right calf a bit like a steel rod being shoved down the back. Has eased significantly over the last 24+ hours and think I may have set off with too much speed on my initial run. Will slow things down a tad for this evenings plod but am looking forward to it.

Am now keeping stats on the various body areas and started off with a beer barrel belly of 115cm at the widest part. On checking this last night I was shocked to see 111cm and can only think that by doing some early walks and cutting back on the intake the xmas sugre has faded a tad. I am therefore recording other measurements such as chest, neck, arm , thigh etc to see if things are moving to other zones. Not checked the weight yet but may do after the W1R3 (assuming I get through W1R2 OK)

1st blog out... :)

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Hi, deviate. That's fantastic, noticing a difference in your waist already! Don't be worried if you don't lose weight straight away - lots of people don't lose any weight for a while (and indeed some actually gain a few pounds before starting to lose!). Good luck. :)


And some of us don't lose so much as an ounce!! ;-) Never mind, toning up is what I'm aiming for as well as the obvious health benefits.

I wish I'd thought to take a few measurements before I started the programme, but I can see a difference with jeans hanging a little lower than before!

It's a good idea to run a lot slower than you feel you want to, certainly at the beginning, until you find your own comfortable pace as you progress.


Survived run no.2 Right leg still sore but after effects not quite as painful as Monday. Looking forward to Fridays run No. 3 and hopfeully graduating from week 1. Programme certainly helping to keep me on track with achievable targets.. :-).


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