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week 5 - good fun isn't it!

Well I was off work monday and left my kit at work so had to do week 5 run 1 yesterday and then run 2 today and loved it. Took a different route than normal, over London Bridge, ran past Boris' office and then back over the Thames. The progress I have made is amazing and during the second run I was able to pick up pace and really stride it out!

I feel rather proud of myself I don' mind saying, as we all should do when we do these runs!

Well done everybody!

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"Good fun isn't it"

....."pick up pace and really stride it out!"

With Week 5 to start on Saturday and petrified at the thought, I officially hate you!

Only messin'. Fair play PacMan.


I loved week 5, I was so chuffed with doing the 20 mins non-stop- enjoy it, it's a good one! Your route sounds fab, it must be great going past all those landmarks.


I work in Holborn and walk that route at lunchtime quite often, across the Millennium or Blackfriars Bridge then back over Hungerford or Westminster Bridge, depending on how far I want to do. This is how I started getting some exercise after I'd lost the weight and actually used to say to the colleague I walk with when a jogger would pass us "that'll be us soon". I was actually joking at the time but look at me now.

Therefore you may well have been one of those who inspired me, PacMan!


Well done, I hope you shouted get a haircut as you passed.



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