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Pushed myself a bit harder today!

Went out for run 1 of week 5 this morning, I've already done this run, 2 months ago before a break, only 2 more runs until I'm back to where I left off!

Anyway it was a beautiful morning and I felt rather energetic so I decided that for the first 5 min run I would attempt a few up and down little hills on my way to the canal where I usually do my whole run, as its lovely and flat! That went well, the last steep bit up to the tow path was a challenge, but it felt good when I had done it, and I was back on the flat!

The canal was beautiful, really misty but bright and the birds were singing, all the barges were lined up and everyone was cooking breakfast (smelt amazing!) So I really enjoyed my run. The last 5 mins were hard, but when Laura said I'd finished I was still quite far away from the end of my route (as I'd started by running to the canal instead today) so I kept going and managed to get to the end!

So I managed up hill and I bit extra, I'm sure it was the beautiful morning that helped!

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Hi Katy

Well done thats excellent. I often run in the evening and can smell

peoples making dinner, yummy. I am on W5 as well. Ed x


What a lovely blog, katywoo. Being outside on a beautiful morning makes you glad to be alive, doesn't it? Sounds like a great run too! :)


Hey fantastic, hmmmmmmm bacon!


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