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Goals for 2013

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and a cracking New Year.

I now have a goal for 2013...I've just entered the Ivybridge 10k (South Devon) in May.

This is a realistic goal. I now have 4 months to first get back to the levels/distance I was running at before Christmas (4.5 miles x 3 per week, which might take until the end of January but that's fine), then gradually creep my distance up to near the 6.21 miles that make a 10km race.

The aim is to then to do one or maybe two more races locally of the same distance before the Plymouth 10k in November '13.

IF that goes well, then take stock and make the decision whether or not to work towards the Plymouth Half Marathon in April 2014 (scary stuff!!!) I hope I get there, I'll work hard, but I realise it'll be tough, but I'm more than up for the challenge.

It's good to have goals, and those are mine for the year.

Does anyone have any goals for 2013 that they'd like to share?

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Great goals jazz! :-) There seems to be a group of grads building on here currently doing a 10K program. Steve (hubby) and myself have joined in!!! We are following a 6 week training app. My personal goal is to run a 10K or 1 hour continuous time before my 50th Birthday in May. I figured if I could start running at age 49.5 and do a few organized 5K events, then a 10K by my Birthday should be easy peasy. :-) Wishing you continued running success! Gayle


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