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Heart Rate Monitors

Does anyone know which calorie counter on a heart rate monitor is correct?

After I finish doing my run I check the calories burned and for E.G. it might say 140, but then I check it again about half an hour after my run and the calories will double.

So do I use the initial calories burned straight after my run or do I leave it until I'm in rest mode to see what has been burned (the half an hour)???


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Hi Phoenix,

I don't see the same problem as you but I have just come back from a run using my HR monitor for the first time. I think I had some kind of problem with it as it (mostly) showed a HR of about half what I would expect. When I uploaded data to Garmin the cals for this run was also only 102, whereas last time I did the same run it was almost 200. I suspect that the low HR is making it think I'm fitter than I really am!

I feel like I have more experimenting to do with it before I understand properly.




Not sure what the right answer is to be honest as HRM would calculate calories burned while actually running, but body will still be burning calories after your run for some time. I have a Garmin Forerunner 110 but once I'm home I take HRM off simply because I shower so I have always logged the run calories.


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