X trainer wk3 r1

Well did it and it went well. I was surprised. The only down side was my x trainer developed at squeek so bad ,that by the time i'd finished i wanted to attack it witha hammer. I know I should have stopped but i didnt. well dear husband found the fault and has fixed it. whoop whoop. so keep going everyone. I know its not the same as running out outside but i know its saving my poor knees.x

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  • Save the knees campaign!

    I think it sounds much tougher than running outside to be honest - I'd hate doing c25k indoors (though maybe less so when cold and wet). Much less to distract the gremlins inside.

  • I'm getting used to it now Greenlegs. I have felt bad about not using it as my husband bought it for me and our daughter. Feel good that I'm using and getting fitter. Did enjoy running out side and I do hope that I might be able to do some runs in time . X

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