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Guaranteed places for the Great North Run

Reading AliB1's post about his first half marathon prompted me to post this ...

For anyone looking for a half marathon later in the year, the general ballot for the Great North Run opened yesterday. I think only about half the applicants get a place, so you could convince yourself that there's an easy out if things don't go well.

If you really want to to the Great North, Diabetes UK has places left - half price (but importantly GUARANTEED) entry if you undertake to raise £350 for them. You can find details (including other runs) at

My son has type 1 diabetes so my entry is in and I have my place. I did the Great North way back in 1983. That was only 3/4 years after it started up and before it became really popular. It was also long before I became the boring fat old git who was redeemed by Couch to 5K. Having completed the programme, I thought it would be neat to do it again 30 years on.

Go on - you know you want to give it a try. You only need to increase your distance by about a mile a month. Think about how you perceived the challenge of C25K before you started, and tell me you can't manage a mile a month ...

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I had looked at the GNR but will be on my holidays :) so maybe next year!

Good luck with your training, let us know how it's going


Hi Malcy, good luck with your training for the half marathon, you are doing this for an amazing cause. The jury is still out for me, I am also toying with the idea of doing a half marathon later this year, fortunately the race I plan on entering doesn't have a ballot and so I have the luxury of leaving it till later while I make up my mind. 21 km is a distance I am struggling to get my head around, but then I also said I would never do a 10K and last year I had to eat my words!

By saying you just have to run an extra mile a month sort of breaks through my mental block, I might just put that on a t-shirt!



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