Wk 8 30 mins?

Well I have agreed to attempt a 10k on 3rd March and I thought I had better get cracking lol! I even managed an extra 5mins after the cool down, then had to cool down again......eeejit I know but I wanted to see if my legs had much left in them. They did :) I hear a lot about good and bad runs but I find all the runs challenging, I always have to focus on my breathing and recite my "doing well love, keep it going" mantra on a loop. So for me this is a normal run and then there are the odd ones that flow a little better and involve no gasping which are lovely. Running is bloody hard but I like it and it is changing my shape slowly but surely :).

So today instead of doing the 28 mins I thought I would just stop faffing and do the 30. This was the first time that i have lacked confidence but as there really is not much time left before the 10k i thought i should go for it. For some reason I thought it would be the end of march......I must have forgotten to forward them my schedule ;).

Anyway think I will add in some speed training for run 2 this week (30 mins again) then go for a longer 40 min run on Sunday. It's hard to figure out as I have read quite a few 10k training plans but what sits well with me is 2 shorter interval runs (jog 3mins then run at capacity for 1min, repeated for the entire run) to build speed and one longer run to build endurance. I will then evaluate at the end of next week to see if I am progressing as I need to.

Though on the day I am not worried about having a fast time, I do get the fact that if I am not careful i could be gone all day! Thing is slower means longer over set distance so I will put some love into both and see what happens. I can just see someone having to drag me around the course! Either that or take a skateboard just in case. Thing is worse case scenario I could walk/run but I would prefer not to.

Any advice or tips gratefully received :)

Jems x


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2 Replies

  • Those interval runs on the 10K plan sound interesting. Where did you see that?

  • It's called fartlek, speed play in English. Tons of info on the net about it especially runners world. The idea came from the following 10k plan starting with wk6. zest.co.uk/this-months-chal...

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