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Week 1 Run 2? - Not quite!

So i did my first run on Sunday and have problems with when to run so this morning took out my 7 month old in her pram. Not ideal I know but at least I'm running right. Got the pram all set up, baby togged up and quick chat (urge) with neighbour and set off. got to the first run and thought... "ooooh this is hard" and then third run was reaaaaalllllyyyy hard but by the second to last run it felt much better. I thought maybe running with the pram made it tough for me...... Then I realised I was running week two! Aargh...feeling great now though and as a bonus, baby is sleeping whilst I enjoy a yummy banana :-)

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Well done Madmummy. Pushing a pram and running is going to burn lots of calories and tone muscle in your arms as well as legs. Been there done that 4 years ago :)

You did amazing. Well done!


Wow that's an impressive accident lol. How good are you!!


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