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First decent run of 2013

Got a bit lazy the last couple of weeks and haven't been out very much, not even for a walk...and boy, has it shown! I've done two runs over the past 7 days and both were pretty terrible. I'll gloss over them very swiftly! I'm sure it's psychological rather than physical and I just have to overcome it.

However, today I went out with no real plan other than to try and put in a bit more effort. I did have a slight wobble about 7mins in when a gust of wind just as I had to make a sharp change of direction completely stopped me in my tracks. After a few choice expressions of disgust with myself, I got going again. This time I settled in and found my rhythm (it does help that I have a long incline to run down about 12mins in which allows me to relax and regroup!) and just kept going. Next time I looked at my watch I'd done 30mins - cor blimey!

So, I decided to see how far I could push myself as I was feeling okay and eventually, I'm pleased to report, I ran 6.49k in 43:12. Now of course I wish I'd just done those extra few strides to 6.5 but it was my own fault for deciding to go off my usual route as it took me into an alleyway with a bicycle barrier at the end and I stopped there instead of carrying on round it.

Still, I improved over my previous best for 5k by one whole second which I'm quite pleased about! I was beginning to think I'd reached my limit and wouldn't be able to progress any further but I now know that I am capable of more.

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That's great, Dottiemay - a fantastic achievement! I know what you mean about being a bit lazy over the last couple of weeks, but you're well back on track now :)


Thanks Anniemurph!

And having just reread my post...I meant I'd improved by one whole MINUTE not second...duh...!!


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