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Week 1 done!

Well that's week 1 complete and with that I've successfully done more phys than last year.

My first outing was, as expected, painful but the mental satisfaction of doing it was immense. Although I think I may of gone to fast,which didn't help, I knew what I had to do for run 2 and 3 and these have past with increasing ease. I found that stretching is a must before and after as a brisk walk at the start and end are not sufficient enough warm up/down for me. Looking forward to the start of week 2 on Wednesday morning.

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Congrats, Rob, on completing w1 - doesn't it feel good? Definitely watch the speed over the next few weeks as it is better to complete it at a slower pace than go fast but struggle to complete the run. Look forward to reading your future blogs.


Well done Mate.


Whoot-whoot! Welcome to week 2!! As PeaBea suggested, now is the time your body is building stamina, speed will come later. :-) Wishing you success! Gayle


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