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Passed half-way

Completed W5R2 tonight which was the 14th of the 27 runs, so I reckon I've passed the half-way marker ??. Only problem is that the second half looks tougher ! I also seem to run slower on the longer runs, probably as I don't want to run out of steam - not sure how slow I'll be when I have to do 20 mins on my next outing, but even doing 8 mins tonight is about 7 mins 55 seconds more than I'd have managed two months ago!

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You will do fine wybrook...I promise!!!! :-) Go slow and finish each run...speed can wait until after graduation. The dreaded 20???? ;-) Your body is ready as long as your mind is willing. Every previous run has prepared you for this run... YOU CAN DO IT!!! I'm looking forward to a brilliant w5r3 blog update!!! Gayle


Hear, here, Gayle! (not sure of spelling so take your pick!). Wybrook, don't look too far ahead in the programme - just take each run as it comes and trust the programme and Laura. If you read the tags for Week 4 and 5 you'll find that lots of people have shared your worries in the past but they went on to graduate from the programme. I found as the runs got longer I started to feel my knees so I often put in an extra rest day. The danger is that you can be too good to yourself and at the moment I'm only getting out every 3 or 4 days. But, I am still getting out there so I'm not sweating it too much! :) Good luck!


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