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New Year New Start New Goal

Happy New Year everyone - hope you have all had a good festive season :-) I havent blogged for ages - combination of chest infection over much of December and then the festivities. I did manage a run the Sunday before Xmas and then Boxing Day and then three over this last week - last one this morning. None of them great - indeed the only thing that kept me going was knowing Laura says (at the end of Stepping Stone) "A bad run is better than no Run!"

But the enforced leave of absence has taken its toll and my breathing has gone backwards - I struggle all the way round and have not yet managed 30 mins nonstop again (last time I did that was December 1st in Centre Parcs).

So today have made a positive decision - I have gone backwards so am going to go back to earlier weeks to build myself back again. Three "runs" this coming week will be week 3,4,5 then following week will do weeks 6,7,8 again. I've done them once I can do them again - and I need a positive experience to keep me going!

We are skiing over the Easter hols - I want to be fitter and in a smaller size salapettes by then.

So keep up the good work everyone - hearing your stories always inspires me.

Very best wishes for a happy, healthy and faster 2013.



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Hi virtually runner

Congrats on getting back out there, I know the feeling. I have gone back to week 4 as I totally fell off the running wagon. I know what you mean about the breathing, this morning I was panting like a steam train and just couldn't get my rhythm. I am sure It will soon come back as I remember from the program last year.

Anyway good luck to you and congrats again. I shall prob do 2 weeks at week 4 and then progress, depends how I feel lol



thanks for that James - and well done you for getting back on the wagon too :-)


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