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Pain from scar

Just recently I've noticed discomfit and pain coming from the area between my appendix (1998) and caesarean scar (2002). It hurts more when I'm bending over and going upstairs. This has only appeared since I've started running and trying to lose weight. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? When I feel the area, it feels hard and lumpy.

Thanks in advance

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Might be excess scar tissue on the inside? I would get your GP to have a look just in case.


Definitely one for the doc, auranya. Show him/her and that'll put your mind at rest, and if it is anything that needs restitched or whatever you're better getting it done sooner rather than later.

Good luck! :-)


Agree with Mitts, go see a doctor and put your mind at rest. Take care :-)


Turns out I have a hernia so have to stop running until after surgery. See you all again in the future :)


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