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Snakes & Ladders

Snake: Kiboshed by injury on w8r2 3 weeks before Christmas (pulled calf muscle)

Ladder: I went out for the first time yesterday & actually enjoyed it. I decided to start at w6r1 and ignore my pace completely, just doing the times & everything went fine so hopefully....

W6r2 tomorrow so we will see if I can go back up the ladder without pulling that calf again.

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I struggle on and off with my calf, hence it has taken me 19 weeks to reach week 8 of the programme! I now always leave 2 days rest between runs and have a really thorough programme of stretches which I never scrimp on. I have also bought myself a foam roller which I am finding really effective. Good luck with the remaining 3 weeks and fingers crossed you remain injury free :-)


Hi Saruma, do you strech before you run? The marathon runner in my office says never to stretch a cold muscle.


No, I never stretch before I run, just afterwards.


Hi Orroroo, welcome back. Sounds like a great return to the programme. Take is easy, maybe put in an extra rest day if you feel like you need it? Best wishes. :)


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