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W1 R2 I'm a happy girl

Set off this morning following a breakfast of porridge and a banana plus loads of water.

Start of first run banging headache immediately so i decided to slow my pace. yes result the headache quickly eased and on each run it became easier and felt more natural.

I actually enjoyed it and felt alot more in control. At the end no headache at all and I felt great.

Roll on tuesday for the 3R W1

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Well done! :-) I am so happy the headache didn't cause further problems and subsided. Sounds like you were pushing yourself a bit too much. You will be amazed at how you progress from run to run. Looking forward to your next run update! Gayle


Yay! Glad it went so much better you. :)


Well done! Good on you for enjoying it (I'm not quite there yet haha!) :)


Excellent news! Well done you for not giving up.


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