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So proud to see the GRADUATE badge next to my name!! what next C25k+ or B210k?

Myself and my thirteen year old stated this programme together, both as novices. we motivated each other to keep going through the rain and the pain. I never thought I'd be able to run the length of myself never mind for 30 mins. Will carry on running and trying to decide whether to try the C25K+ or the B210k. Any suggestions??

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congratulations & well done to both of you. my 12 & 13year olds did the plan aswell. (after Id graduated so I ran with them) & now I am running with my 10 year old who has just started & is on week 2.

its great that you can do this with your children & have this to share with them.

as for the future ~ my advice would be to get to that magic 5k if you havent first. the c25k+ podcasts are great as something different to try & will help with stamina & doing the speed podcasts can help make a longer run seem easier.

be aware that the first week of b210k asks for 40mins of running & builds from there. perhaps once you are happy running 5k/30mins add a b210k run at the weekend as a long run??

anyways, good luck whatever your decide. shelley x


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