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running and ww

Went back to ww thursday and have put a 1.5lbs on not bad for xmas as some had gained 3lbs. My problem when I started C25k was running made me hungry and I reached for the wrong types of snacks but after a good day yesterday on the diet points wise I am going to make sure I pick the right sort of snack after a run as really want to lose at least what I put on at xmas and hopefully a bit more!

Will let you know how I get on.

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Wooohooo - well done - that's not bad for the Christmas over indulgence is it?

Good luck with the post-run snacks - as long as you stick to fruit, you should be fine. Can't wait to hear how you get on in your next weigh-in.


Well done my weight gain over Christmas was far worse than yours, but am back running and following the programme (SW not ww) so hopefully be back to target in no time. Good luck :-)


Whoot-whoot! I am a WW member also, but just online. I also had a bigger gain then you. Besides the food, the booze gets me!!! I try to stick with nuts, fruit, veggies and cheese for snacks. Have you heard of a yonana machine? You place frozen fruit in it and it comes out like soft serve ice cream! We have one and we usually eat a banana before running. I told Steve I am serving him ice cream before our next run!!!! :-) Gayle


I'm a ww girl (online) too! I'm at wk4 run 3 after needing to go back a week after a big Christmas break! I lost 2.5 stone last year doing ww, 1 stone to go to get to goal! Good luck everyone!


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