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Starting again, unfortunately

I was on week four (and struggling a bit, if I'm honest) when I fell on the vault at gymnastics and landed on my neck! Since then, I've been dancing a fair bit but have still been having knee/back/foot/hip problems (from well before the accident) so I haven't tried this again yet.

I've been in super-training mode for the last 2.5 weeks and I'm feeling like a bit of a machine, so I'm going to do a week 1 run tomorrow then move on to week 2 on Monday.

I have a hospital appointment on Wednesday about my issues and he's a specialist in athletes and such, so hopefully he'll understand. I had a year out at one point and nothing improved, and things only really hurt when I'm *NOT* dancing (or otherwise exercising) so fingers crossed he won't insist I stop completely - I had 2 weeks of a break before the 2.5 weeks of hard training I've just done and things actually just hurt MORE by the end of it, whereas now I'm training really hard they don't feel quite so bad when I'm resting.

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Good luck with your running hope it all goes well


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