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Haven't run since Boxing Day

Having post what a great run I had on Boxing Day, I haven't run since. I got a sore throat on 27th December and had family and friends over on 28th (kids birthday so we had 41 guests descend). Just as I have started to feel a bit better we have had to attend a funeral, return to work and tomorrow I need to sort the house before 9 or my daughters friends arrive for her party. Roll on Sunday when I hope life will calm down a bit and I will be back to full health.

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What a full-on time you have had of it! No wonder you havent been able to run but that is what hapens in the real world..... though my world would NEVER include 41 guests, that is amazing!!!

Here's to Sunday when normality starts for you......



Hope you have a good run on Sunday, sounds like you've had a pretty hectic time.

I haven't run since Boxing Day either thanks to a sore throat and chesty cough. I was meant to be running in a cross-country race today but I'm going to help marshall instead - I think 5 miles might finish me off at the moment :-)


Sounds hectic. I havent run since 9th De ( a 10k race), missed a few days due to truly awful weather/Xmassy stuff and then went down with a v v v persistent chest cold! Now in severe pain in side - my colleagues reckon it could be pleurisy, but as I have no temperature/and not coughing up anything (and we are civil servants not medical experts!) I think its just a muscle strain from coughing so much!


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