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Week 4 run two...made the right decision I think!

Well as I wrote in my last blog I had got to week 6 then due to one thing or another didn't run for almost 2 months, so decided to start again at week 4. I did run 2 today and it was tough but still doable, and I even managed to go a bit quicker! Very chuffed and definitely got the running bug again. Although I'm aching in my knees and ankles so think I might have a 2 day break now for them to recover from doing nothing, to running quite a bit, poor legs!

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Well done for getting back into it. Ive only just finished week one, so where you are seems a long way to go. Xmas has been such a distraction for everyone... I just wanted to say that i think its great that 'the running bug is back!'. Happy running.


Hi katywoo I'm glad you got the running but back:o)

I also got to W6R2 and my knee wanted to explode last night. I'm sure that's not a good sign.

It hasn't been good since before xmas and I have only been running once a week, which I know wasn't enough. But somehow I managed to get this far and I'm delighted I have.

I hated sport at school and only did cross country when they forced me too.

I'm 50 something, somewhat over weight and ever so slightly unfit.

Other than rest, oh and I bought a special support for my knee.

Any ideas people?


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