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Slummy mummy shuns couch

I'm not quite sure how I've managed to do this, but I'm on the eve of my first run . I will be honest, I run for no man . I am happy to walk any distance at a steady pace but running is a WHOLE different kettle of cod . I hated running at school . actually I hated all sport period . if I could have a note from my mum to excuse me I would. But I am 37 and in need of some exercise which doesn't involve a Hoover in my hand or a last minute dash in a school run. So I've dug out my trainers, found some sweatpants and a t-shirt which should cover most of the wobbly bits. Have downloaded my podcast and will just have to turn up the volume to drown out the laughter of people who see this red-faced, fat, panting woman struggle past . Thank God it's dark in the mornings! Will report back if by some miracle I manage to survive :- s

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We've all been where you are now cabbage. You're about to start a great programme. I hated sport of any kind at school and really struggled to run for a minute in October when I started. I could hardly manage the stairs at work the next few days. But last night I ran for 30 minutes!!! If I can do it then anyone can! I still feel I'm a red faced, panting fat lump but I'm out there doing it so I don't care what the minority might think, the majority will admire the perseverance. Get stuck in!


hooray a fellow slummy mummy, well done you!

I am in week 2 did my first week 2 run last night - I have to say I am now looking forward to each run (like you I positively detested running at school), as aside from the feeling of achieving something towards improving my fitness it is also wonderful to have half an hour to myself and the physical activity also helps run off the stress that has built up during the day :-)

roll on tomorrow morning and run 2

(also well done isabella123 on 30 mins - I am impressed)


Hello Couch cabbage (love the name!) About three months ago I was a couch cabbage too, couldn't run and was very unfit. In fact I could have written your post. Appeal of C25k for me was that it was free, that I had an old pair of jogging bottoms and a hoodie (never previously been used for any form of exercise what so ever...) and a good pair of trainers - not sure why I ever bought those, found at the back of my wardrobe in pristine condition. Plus I could "run" in the early morning when there was nobody about and not have to face a gym. Anyway, if you stick at it faithfully this program works. I can now run for 30 minutes and sometimes even enjoy it...Plus my wobbly bits are reducing and I feel a whole heap better.

2013 - the year of running :-)


From Slummy Mummy to Yummy Mummy in 9 Weeks!

Go for it girl!


Well done for getting out there Cabbage. I am older, I suspect fatter and like you shunned all exercise both at school and later. If you'd told me I would be able to run for 30 minutes a year ago I would have thought you were mad. When I started C25K I couldn't run for 30 SECONDS! It took me 4 weeks to move on from week 1 but here I am 10 months later - much fitter, a bit lighter and a much better shape . I can run for 30 minutes (albeit slowly), I can run 5k. Best of all I actually love doing it! Who knew that runners high actually existed? This is a great programme. If you listen to Laura, take it gradually and trust your body you will do it. Good luck :-)


Well done on taking the first steps, making the decision, and logging it on here, keep flogging and reading, and hopefully you will find it a warm welcoming site with lots of support and advice available if you want it.

The school cross country run used to go out and back in past my house, I never skipped any other lessons, but I don't think I ever completed that run, dropping off the back at my house, and rejoining on the return. But after deciding to give this a try in secret, I found that although its challenging, its achievable, and very rewarding and you will feel a whole lot better by the end of it.

Good luck and I look forward to reading about your experiences along the way.


Hurrah for running slummy mummies everywhere! You sound just like me cabbage, we're even the same age... I just finished week 1 and have amazed myself. You can do it!


Hurray! Survived first run. Thanks for all the positive comments, they really boosted my mood. It was the online equivalent of a big squishy hug xxxx


I was the same as a lot of you. I hadn't done much/any sport for about 50 years and I'm vastly overweight but my daughter runs and she encouraged me. I started late September, it took me 4 weeks to do Week 1 and I'm now up to Week 5 run 2. I'm taking my time and do each run 3 times before I move up to the next one but, very surprising to me, I love it and I hope you do too Cabbage. I haven't lost a lot of weight but things are shifting round, I do feel better and can do a lot more generally.


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