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In pain but smiling (o:

So i admit it i've been a lazy madam and between the excuses of weather, colds, lack of time and Christmas my lasy run was at the end of November!!! Day by day i got more and more nervous of how far back i'd have slipped until yesterday i couldn't take it anymore. I had no cold, the weather was warm & amazingly dry for the 1st time in ages so off i went.

I decided to be sensible and try to make 10-15 minutes as the effects of laziness, a holiday and far to much seasonal cheer have definately had an effect and id only been doing the odd 30 minutes here and there before i broke off. Anyway 10 minutes in i was feeling ok so on i went. 15 minutes came and went and to my surprise i didn't feel too bad so i carried on. By the time 25 minutes came round i was starting to feel my legs but i figured just one more minute however, from somewhere a little voice popped into my head....wouldn't it be great if i could still do 30 minutes!!!! All my common sense said don't be daft but it would appear i have a stubborn streak because to my utter amazement i did it..... the full 30 minutes.

I have to admit my legs ached last night and i may be walking a little strange this morning but it was so worth it. My legs will be fine tomorrow and i feel on top of the world. What a fab way to start a new year!!!

So to anyone else out there feeling the same as i did, just get back out there. Worrying wont help and you may well suprise yourself. As for anyone contemplating giving it a go. Go for it, i struggled through a minute less than 6 months ago and now i love it.

Thanks C25K you've changed my life

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I think many of us are guilty about slacking off our running over the festive season! I know I'm certainly in this category. But sometimes we need that break to return with renewed vigour!

My last logged run was 2nd Dec so on New Years Eve I decided I needed to get back to it and I've run 3 times this week.



Well done that's fab!


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