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Slow and steady gets a teeny bit faster

Wk3 run3. I was feeling very dubious about going up to the 5 minute runs next week (ie my next run), so decided to try and push myself a bit on this run, as the 3 minute bits weren't too bad.

I kept going for an extra minute on the 3 min runs (I'd have stopped if it was uncomfortable, but it was ok) and then had quite a bit of a walk back after I'd finished Laura's bit, so I decided to do my whole 5k route (that I measured out in the first week out of curiosity - I have to go past my house and do an extra bit at the end to bring it up to 5k). As I was feeling ok still, I put in a few (!) extra short runs - some were just 1 minute - but in total, I added on an extra 14 minutes!!! (14 on top of the planned 9, so 23 minutes in total - my goodness!)

I kept going for 56 minutes, which was a bit frustrating, as I was sure I'd done it in 53 minutes before - but I've just checked up and found that I'd got mixed up - in fact I did 5.6 km, not 5 km! Which works out at 50 min for 5k - still slow, but 3 minutes faster than a couple of weeks ago. And I ran almost half of it - woo hoo!

There was even a bit where I thought - this is more like running than jogging - and I like it!

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Well done greenlegs, 25 minutes running, brilliant!! Definitely no chance of catching you at that rate : )

I did my first week 3 outing today, I was a little worried about the sudden jump from 90 seconds to 3 mins, but it went ok. Actually the worst bit for me was the first 90 second jog not the 3 minute sections. Feeling very pleased with the way it is going, this seems to be a very good programme.


Thanks, bibs. It's funny how sometimes the bits that look easier can actually be the harder ones, isn't it? All down to mind games I think! Thinking about the 3 minutes is worse than actually doing it - I hope that's going to apply to the 5 minutes next week. But I definitely feel up for it now.

So far, no nasty aches appearing. Fingers crossed that I don't get my come-uppance tomorrow. I'm still glowing with satisfaction at it all! (I even sweated - most unusual for me!)


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