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A failed run, but not in an expected way

I set out at 8am, with my new trail shoes and my dog Bailey. My intention was to have a shortish run with the dog in some local fields, to try out my new shoes.

The walk to the fields takes about 5 mins, we were about half way when we met a black labrador, alone and no owner in sight. Well I just couldn't leave him to roam the streets so I attached him to Bailey's lead and knocked on a few doors to find out who owned him, but the people I spoke to didn't recognise him. So, I decided to head for home, he was very well behaved and trotted along nicely, once fed and watered he was happy to settle down for a nap. I rang the vet and arrange to take him down to see if he was microchipped.

My walk/run well and truely abandoned I changed out of my running gear and set out to the vet. Yes he was micro chipped, I left him with the vets nurse while they traced his owner, I had a phone call a while ago, and the dog lives just a couple of streets away and the owner thinks he slipped out when he left for work this morning.

I'm working this afternoon 'til 4pm, so the trail shoes won't get their try-out, but I will try and get out for a 30 min street run later.

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Well, you've done your good deed for the day BettyJane! :-D

Life doesn't always turn out the way we expect it to. Poor lamb - I hope he wasn't too perplexed about it all!


That's lovely of you! I'm so glad they managed to trace the owners. It shows the importance of micro-chipping.

It made me smile as my hubby has a dog called Bailey. Unfortunately he lives with hubby's Dad, as we live in a rented house.

Hope you get your run in this afternoon without any unexpected interruptions and those trail shoes get their outing soon! :)


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