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New to this. Anyone else in the Aberystwyth area?

Hi everyone. I have just signed up for C25K after seeing several of my friends achieving great results with it over the past few months. My first run is tomorrow and I am also joining a park run on New Years Day to meet a few local people.

Enjoying reading your blogs so far, and look forward to getting to know you all. I can't wait to get going

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Have fun on your first run :) I'm on week 4 and really enjoying it. This forum is so supportive, especially when you see what's coming up in the next week and think "I'll never be able to do that!"- there's always someone to tell you that you can (and they're always right!).

I'm not anywhere near Aber but I always see red kites on my runs.


Nowhere near Aberystwyth, but this site is great for encouragement as caz says. Enjoy that first run (at least, enjoy the feeling when you've got to the end of it!)


Welcome aboard, redkite!!! It is an amazing program and with you providing a bit of work, it can work incredible wonders!!!

Enjoy the first week and enjoy your park run. It is so encouraging to be around other runners!!

Keep us updated and Keep Running!! :-)



Week 1 Run 1

Well I didnt get off to a very good start yesterday. I spent ages the night before trying to download the podcasts onto my laptop and converting them to my MP3 (not IPod). Some of them were showing errors, so after what seemed ike hours of frustration I decided just to put week 1 onto the MP3. Finally got out of the house with everything I needed, (mobile, GPS for speed and length, and MP3). Unfortunately, I had left it turned on and it had discharged the battery overnight. Never mind. I knew it was a five minutes walk and then one minute run/walk so I used the clock on my mobile to time them.

All went well until I reached a section where the path alongside the river was flooded and I had to turn back. Then I met a nice lady with a boxer dog who stopped to chat.. then another.. both of whom may be converted to C25K and join me.. after that little hiccup I carried on running and walking up to the 30 minutes. I felt a bit let down that I had let myself get distracted and not done the 30 minutes in one go.

Today I decided to start again, and instead of taking the GPS and the MP3 and the mobile, just used the MP3 with lovely Laura and the music. Started off OK wiht the brisk walk, but the music was so loud I couldnt hear what she was saying. Started to run when she said, and kept going..and going.. longest "one minute" of my life. I started walking but still no Laura.. then ran again.. still nothing. So, I did a continuous half hour of run/walks with no distractions, but also no Laura. I was beginning to think I had downloaded week 9 by mistake! I heard her say time to slow down, as I was nearly home, but even then the music seemed to go on forever. All in all I was out for 40 minutes and I heard her say Well done just as I put the key in the door!"

Surprisingly not uncomfortable after all that, but will definitely be checking out the download before I go out again. Disappointed that the music drowns out the instructions.

Tomorrow I am hoping to be up in time for the park run and meeting some other local runners.

So far, so good :)



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