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Stepping stones

Now I have got my lovely shiny green badge I need a new challenge! A number of you have mentioned stepping stones. I've taken a look but it doesn't seem to be as clear as C25K and I can't find a write up of what it involves. (Could just be I'm being thick!) Anyway could you help me out and give me some idea of what it involves. Thanks and Merry Christmas. V x

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Its not a structure plan like the C25k, but there are three podcasts designed to help you improve after graduation. Stepping Stones, Speed and Stamina. they all feature different workouts and Laura. and thats it really.

I've only done one so far the stepping stones one which was a half hour run gradually increasing in pace from 150 BPM through 155 to finish with 160BPM.


I lost my motivation a bit after graduation in July and then a minor calf injury. I decided I wanted to get to 5k in under 30 minutes and also 10k. I couldn't decide which goal was more important so opted for both! The Speed and Stamina podcasts really helped a lot.

If you want to do 3 runs a week you can do Stamina or Stepping Stones one day - they're basically the same but Stamina is a bit faster. Laura talks you through 35 minutes of running, going faster and faster. It really does build up your stamina and is a good challenge. Another day you can do the Speed one. It involves the usual warm up walk, 5 minutes gentle running, then alternate very fast for one minute and slow again for one minute. There are six fast minutes and 5 slow minutes. It doesn't sound much but at first its really pushing you to run faster. Your final day you could run at your own pace (and music if you like) - I used it to build up week by week to longer and longer runs until I got to 10k. By doing this I speeded up automatically and got my goals.

I hope this long explanation helps. At the very least its worth downloading the podcasts and having a go - and you get Laura to help you carry on and give great hints on technique. Happy running!


I did the stamina podcast this morning & managed to get to 3miles in my shortest amount of time, knocking off half a minute. stamina starts at 155ish bpm & gradually increases to 160 for 20mins I think, then up a little more (165 I think)) for the last 5mins. its very good to make you concentrate on your pace & a good distraction.


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