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Winter Blues

I graduated a couple of months ago but am feeling disillusioned today. After a month off with injury and currently struggling with a chest infection and wheezy chest, I have regressed. Only managed 25minutes this morning and that was witha wheeze break.

Will I get my mojo back?!

Or will I stay stuck forever at 30mins and below.

Please send me inspirational vibes and a bucket full of energy.

Merry Christmas.

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sending you the vibes! from the sound of it you are still not 100% better so i'd recommend that you rest up until you are better and then give it another go (it's the reason you 'only' managed 25 mins today). you won't lose too much fitness by resting but could set yourself further back if you don't listen to your body.

Wishing you a speedy recovery from the bugs and a very merry Christams


Hi mouse, i agree with ali, take it easy and start running when

you are 100%. You dont lose fitness quickly but i am sure you

know that. Good luck, Ed x


Feel rotten for you, mausimouse! Sending positive thoughts winging your way! Good advice from above - it sounds like you need to be very kind to yourself for a while. Are you eating okay? Taking a supplement? Getting enough sleep? C25k will still be here when the lighter nights and better weather comes in and by then your mojo will be well and truly back! :)


Hi mausimouse - you will get back there, but as others have said, you might need to be kind to your poor body which is currently trying to fight off a chest infection. Give it a chance - the roads will still be out there and then you can tackle them with a full tank of energy, and you will blast onwards and upwards!


Thanks for all your lovely thoughts. I know I need to take it easier, but I am not a patient patient. xx


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