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now where did I put my mojo, it's here somewhere!

I had a lot planned for today, up early to shop for xmas dinner, back in time for friend arriving to go for a walk, spot of lunch, go for a run, shower and start unwinding for xmas, easy dinner, wrap presents (yes, still have wrapping to do too).

I would have loved to go for a run first thing, but knew that if something had to 'give' it ought to be the running, given I have a child who is looking forward to both lunch and presents tomorrow! So up and out to the shops. While there, friend cancelled walk, she's feeling off colour, sorry for her, but glad that I will definitely get time to run. Leave supermarket, oh no, what happened to the sky?

It is soooooo very dark and rainy here. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind running in a bit of rain, but this? :-( Feeling a bit winterish and think my mojo may have dropped into one of the shopping bags. Maybe I'll find it when I put this lot away..............

Merry christmas everyone and good luck to all the christmas and boxing day runners, I hope the weather is clear and bright for us all.


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I hope you found it and did get out for a run.


i did, thank you (see later blog). I had a wonderful run, beat my previous time duration and distance :-) It reminded me of what you can do when you just get on with it!


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