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Week 9 Run 2 - Christmas Eve

Normally I am up for my run the moment the alarm goes off at 6:00am; no time to think about it if I am going to have a run before work.

This morning as I did not need to get up early it was quite tempting to think that I did not need to run at all today as I could 'catch up' later in the week. However the goal of doing my W9R3 on Boxing Day meant I had to go today.

I eventually set off at 8:50 in drizzle and despite this had an enjoyable run across the The Marsh to Lovers' Ground and Medge Hall. My legs no longer seem to hurt as much as they did at the beginning - I must be getting better at rubbing in the Deep Heat and Ibuprofen gel!

Now back at home having breakfast with my wife feeling extremely virtuous and in great shape for Christmas.

Merry Christmas to everyone and here's to my W9R3 on Boxing day!!!

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well done for getting out there! It is sometimes so tempting to stay in bed/doors, but you'd have felt really bad if you hadn't done it. Now you can kick back and relax. Good luck on boxing day, nearly there, whoop, whoop! :-)

Merry Christmas!


Well done! :)


You're well on track for a Boxing Day graduation, angust! Very well done. Enjoy the festivities and your grad run! :)


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