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Week 2 Down

Completed all the runs again despite still feeling tired and coldy from last week, which is nice. It also seems to be taking progressively longer for me to feel fatigued, though I still wouldn't say it is at all easy. I think next week will be the moment of truth: I'd run almost 90 seconds before I started; if I can step it up and run 3 minutes, I can probably keep up with all the progressions.

I guess I will find out on Christmas Day :)

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well done! Believe me, you will be able to step up, just trust yourself and trust Laura. Your brain may be saying 'no' but your body will cope. Go for it! :-)


Go for it! I know you can do it. Happy Christmas. X


Yes, you can do it - we know you can! Enjoy, and have a great Christmas :)


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