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Getting out on the Heath again

I love Christmas, really I do. But at approximately 12.35 today as I struggled home with enough potatoes to feed an army I was feeling a bit like the mother in the much-criticised Asda Christmas TV ad, doing everything for her ungrateful family (Which is clearly ridiculous as I don’t even have a husband to be useless.)

My pre-C25K response would probably have involved Galaxy, alcohol and a duvet.

But today I realised that I haven’t been for a run all week since my ‘failed’ run last Monday. I could put it down to the constant rain or the fact that I was away, but this is the longest I’ve been without running since I started way back in September.

Not feeling in the least like a run I set out, worried that there wouldn’t be time to have a swim before the pond closed. I spent 20 minutes in the meadow next to the pond doing Laura’s Strength and Flexibility exercises from memory. Shoulder rolls, knee bends, undignified squats over a bench, pull ups from railings and, my absolute favourite, the one which, from a distance looks as if you are making love to a tree.

Even on the sloping lawn the grass was completely sodden which convinced me that the muddy paths would be too slippery to run on; I had a quick dip (3.5C and six cormorants) and walked back to my car. But it just wasn’t enough, so five minutes later I was running along the tarmac paths dodging all those sprawling families with their children and dogs and trikes and scooters.

It felt great to be running again, and although I didn’t run non-stop for 30 minutes, I did run without Laura or any music, which meant I could enjoy hearing the cacophony of languages that people speak in these parts.

By the time I got home I felt a whole lot better. Not great. But much better.

On Christmas morning I’m planning on a run and a swim before I put the roast potatoes in the oven. If it’s not raining I might even manage a quick, pre-Christian trist with an oak tree.

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What a fab post, well done! Very jealous about your Xmas day plans as it looks like this lurgy has scuppered my own mountain walk or parkrun Xmas morning flexible plan plus the 5 mile very sociable local Boxing Day run I had signed up for! Never mind, there'll be others! :-)


Get well soon and have a great Christmas.There will be others.



Lovely post as always, I tried the strength and flexibility podcasts but couldn't get on with them. Hope you enjoy your run and swim in the morning and hope to get out for a little run on Boxing Day. Have a great Christmas :-D


You too.dx


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