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How do i get graduate on my status, am i missing something ????

Morning all - i have done the nhs couch to 5k and have for the last few months been doing 5k+ - but i notice that people have graduate on their status - how do you do this ???

I ran yesterday ( on my treadmill) for 30 mins doing podcast of speed - and man was i sore after but today no pain !!!!!! HOORAY ......can anyone give me any tips or other places to find GOOD running music and other podcasts please would be much appreciated ....thanks all and merry christmas

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Send a message to JR21 requesting a green grad badge. He does the honours.

30 minutes of speed? That's more than I can do! Th 16 minutes of the podcast is plenty. Well done.


Well it certainly sounds as though you deserve that badge!


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