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Yesterday, out of necessity, I used the treadmill for the first time in my journey and wow what a difference! I unofficially did my graduation run with normal breathing and legs that don't ache. Why did nobody tell me treadmills are easier than beaches?! :-)

Anyway, motivation is back with a passion now I've confirmed it was just the weather beating me :-)

I feel a gym membership/ treadmill purchase coming on!!! (give it a few weeks SMS I reckon I'll pick up a bargain!)

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I should think pretty much anywhere is easier than a beach, hevskii, unless it's a hill! :-D

And well done for completing the programme!

But I know what you mean. I'm recovering from knee problems and did a 5 minute run on a treadmill last week, first run for 6 weeks and first ever on a treadmill. I did 7.5km/h which was nicely within my comfort zone, and it was only afterwards I realized I had breathed through my nose all the time... wouldn't have happened in the woods...

And on the treadmill you have such fascinatingly different things to think about. This morning I saw that walking at 6km/h I took 23 steps to burn 1 calorie, while jogging at 7.5 I had 16 steps per calorie. Now, I quick-started the treadmill today which meant I didn't have to put my weight in - so next time I can give it all my vital statistics and see if the steps per calorie change... the possibilities are endless :-)

But mind you, as soon as spring comes and my knees are completely better I'll be back in my woods again...


Haha true I suppose! It's certainly not as pretty running in the gym though, no lovely sunrises and crashing waves :-)


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