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After the warm-up I thought today would be tough. But for the first time in the program I completed the first run, and then every subsequent run. Usually I find it takes a failure in the first interval to get properly warmed up, but not this time. And after missing by 25 seconds last time, I feel like this is a big improvement. I even added an extra interval, running up the hill to my house like in W1R2. Let's hope this wasn't what caused my slight regression in W1R3!

It really feels like I'm starting to make progress now, so, onwards and upwards...

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Well done mdec, like you say, onwards and upwards. Remember though we all have off days and runs but if you keep chipping away at it, you will graduate in no time. Good luck, Ed


Fantastic, mdec! It's amazing the high you get from a good session. Best wishes for your next run! :)


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