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Training for a 10K in June 2013

Ok I graduated at the end of November and have run on average twice a week.

This week i decided to go back to three times a week but at 6am this morning in the pouring rain I chickened out thinking i might be better running this afternoon in the relative daylight (although it's not actually brightened up yet & it's still raining)

I'm off to my first Parkrun on Saturday for the Santa Special so feeling good. Talking to my friend in the office at work (busy day!) I've somehow managed to get signed up to a local 10K in June.

Logically i know that i can do it. I've gone from nothing to 5K in 9 weeks so it;s just the same again and dare I say it i'm excited to have another goal to aim towards. Hopefully the weather will improve so i can step up my training through the spring and be striding along rather than trudging at the back.

So getting back to my question. What sort of trainging program would people recommend? are there any useful tools online? laura's assistance getting me this far has been a god send and I feel a little uneasy about going it alone.

Thanks as ever for your help, Allie

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I'd be interested in the answer to your question, alliec. I'd like to try our local 10k in November and do a semi-decent time (about 60 min). I'm trying to get my 5k time down to 30 mins (using the 5k+) then I think I'll start to increase my distance. Have you tried following the tags? :)


Hi alliec. Like oona said the C25k+ podcasts are great for getting your speed and stamina up. I graduated in July and had a break with a calf injury straight away. Building gradually back up I started doing those podcasts and finally made 5k in just under 30 minutes last week. Like you I tend to run 2-3 times a week. I'd like to go 3 times, but it doesn't always come off.

My next aim is 10k and I hope to do that next week. In fact by doing the speed and stamina podcasts you build up exactly that, the speed you go at and also the distance you can run for. Its therefore possible to aim for both at once.

I know others use a 10k training programme - try using the tags to search - its another podcast by another womans. Others use the BUPA programme. If you google BUPA you can find their plan. It's not bad looking and easy to print out. It gives you a definite structure to aim for.

Good luck to you and to oona. Have fun in your Park Run!


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