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Week 9 Run 1.......still not started !

I can't believe that i still haven't started week 9 . it's nearly 2 weeks since I did week 8 , I have been really good about completing all of the previous weeks within a sensible time frame , so ...................I should be out there this morning shouldn't I ?? I finished school yesterday , So don't have the excuse that I'm too busy (which I really HAVE been) now I suppose I'm a bit scared that I won'e be able to do it after a longish break :-(

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C'mon kazzers - you know you can do it! Get those running shoes on and get out there! ;-)


You could tell yourself that you're only going to attempt week 7 (or whatever), to get yourself outside, and then see what you end up doing? Even walking for 30 min would be better than not going out at all! Bet you end up doing it anyway - but if you tone it down a bit (maybe sensible after 2 weeks off) you can get back up there again. Just don't stop altogether, it would be a waste!


Really good advice from greenlegs, kazzers. It's okay to have a wobble now and again so don't pressure yourself too much - just go out and see how you feel. :) Once you're out there you'll remember why you got involved with the programme in the first place. Good luck! :)


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