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First Post Graduate Run – without Laura how would it go?

My first Post Graduate run today without Laura and wondered if the motivation would still be there now the initial target of completing the C25K program was achieved. But I needn’t have worried I knew where my 5 minute warm up walk would start/end I had my own music on the iPod with the Nike+ fitness lady counting me through the minutes, I set it for 30 minutes but was aiming to run 5K which I did in 35 minutes . I didn’t miss Laura’s music choice I preferred mine but I did miss her encouragement the Nike+ lady is very clinical and cold with her time call outs but it still helps me knowing how long I have run and how much more to go. I think a Garmin device is going to be on my Santa wish list but I might wait for the January sales which always start on Boxing Day anyway to see if there are any bargains out there. In the New Year I might look at the C25K+ and stamina podcasts but for the moment I will just enjoy my running.

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Well done on graduating! My husband has a Garmin which he loves and I use Endomondo on my phone to track my progress. I love comparing stats (even got the lingo!) from one run to the other. I enjoy the 5k+ podcasts and they've helped me get my 5k time down from 35m+ to a pb of 31m3s. Needless to say I haven't done anything like that time again so am just persevering. Once down to 30m I might think about working towards 10k! Best wishes. :)


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