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Recalcitrant week 7

After happily struggling and huffing my way through the weeks, I was feeling pretty pleased at how well I was going. Week 7 was here and I was feeling quite relaxed about it. I knew it would be tough but also knew I could manage it. And after all 7 is my lucky number........or rather it was :(

I've managed one non-stop run and that was the first one. I've done two more and in both of them a serious stitch has managed to stop me. Its happened both times after the 20 min mark and I have to stop and walk for a minute or two before I start up and do the left over time.

Its very frustrating and now I dont know if I should go up to week 8 or keep slogging it out. The crazy thing is that once I've had a minute of walking I feel like I could easily run for another ten minutes.......

Week 7, I am over you .

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Go on to week 8 t&t, that's what I would do. If you keep going over and over a week until it's perfect you may just get dispondent and not progress and you have managed it once so you know you can do it. If after attempting week 8 you don't seem to be able to do it then go back but it's worth trying it first. Sometimes we astound ourselves as to what we can do despite not feeling ready...


You know I am finding week 7 difficult. Had a hard run today :( finished., but felt like I lost the joy. But I know it will get better and I think these hard runs are just challenging our fitness. If it was all easy what would be the point? For me anyway I came into this programme pretty unfit. Now I feel like I am getting somewhere with regards to health. Gosh I also feel like I am persuading myself!

So yes! Go on to week 8 meet it head on and be proud of what you have already achieved. You are amazing.



This happened to me in week 9, never failed a run, never had a stitch and just before the end, it all went terribly wrong and I got both at the same time! I think it was either some running god punishing me for getting too smug or me putting to much pressure on myself as I knew I'd nearly reached the end - it all stopped being fun!

Go on to week 8, put 7 behind you and you will probably be absolutely fine!


I found Wk7 the hardest too and stuttered on it - a walk on run 1, a full run on run2, then a walk again on run 3 - that started getting ma a bit dispondent. After taking advice on this forum, I too pushed onto Week8, with the thought that even if I couldn't do 28 mins, I might manage the 25 mins - but I did it!! That seemed to break a mental barrier and there was then no looking back.

Look forward, don't get too hung up, you can do it, go for it, you are ready.


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