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Day 2 1/2 of week 1

As I only managed half of the runs on day 2 yesterday, I went out again today (I know that's not how it's meant to work, but too bad!), and did the other half, just to show willing. And it was all dark too. So I've been more active than if I'd done it all in one go - yes, I am conning myself a bit, but so what? Much better than giving up, or not doing anything.

The new shoes feel weird (my everyday shoes are very thin-soled and flexible, so running shoes are very different), but I'm getting used to feeling that my feet are in bandages!

I've even told someone at work that I've started c25k, but haven't yet told anyone at home (shoes kept hidden under the bed!) Not so I can duck out without them knowing, but they are so used to me being totally unsporty, and I'd like to have something to stun them with (well, at least, a bit more than 'I can run for 60 seconds'). I want it to be my own achievement, not something they've encouraged me to do. Anyone else recognise that feeling? Though I'm sure I won't be able to keep it secret over Christmas.

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Bearing in mind I'm only on Week 2 myself - I think you should add extra days if you like, but you should still take a rest day between them. Otherwise, running 3 days in a row, your strength and endurance will diminish without time to recover.

Maybe more experienced runners have a different opinion though.


Thanks for responding mdec.

I'll see how I feel tomorrow - I might just walk and count it as a rest day. But this addiction thing does get to you quite fast! I want to run! - Can't believe I just wrote that! Hilarious!


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