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Redefining Brisk

So today was my first run of week 3 and I was terrified. 3 minutes? Thats twice as long as last week! Is this woman crazy??! But ...

... I did it! Snaps for me!

That first 3 minutes was a SERIOUS struggle, despite the entirley unintentional coincidence ;) that it was mostly down a gentle slope.

However I made it to the end in good spirits, until I was over taken by a meandering dogwalker during my cool down 'brisk walk'. I felt slightly better that she appeared to be a spritly 40 rather than the 60 I thought at first glance but still, uncool.

I did, in an attempt to rid myself of my 'slow shame' add an extra interval at the end. I decided to see if I could run back to my car. And I did! It took me six and a half minutes and I ran it all! I mean at the speed of snail and I may have glimpsed the pearly gates by the end but it was an awesome feeling!

But I must not get carried away. This has happened before, I get excited about my progress then I push too hard and get injured or disheartened.

Positive outcomes only. Postivie outcomes only. Positive outcomes only.

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Well done you. One minute thinking you couldn't possibly manage three minutes running and then, quite unnecessarily, running for an extra six and a half minutes! And just a few weeks ago 60 seconds was a challenge? You can run for TEN TIMES longer than you thought was perhaps impossible!

Endurance, not speed!


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