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help with energy!

Hiya fellow C25kers! just wondered if anyone can suggest anything for zapped energy? I mean generally speaking, not just for running. Although Im getting back out there on this programe after a serious of illnesses, i just dont seem to have any "oomph". Ive started taking iron tablets and hope this will help, and eating nuts/dried fruit as part of my healthy snacking together with the obligatory banana ( which I dont mind because if I dont eat them all before they go all brown and mushy, I make a cake with them ;-) )

any advice would be gratefully received.


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Have you had your iron levels checked? I found the tablets had unwanted side effects so I have that spatone stuff instead. Do you usually get like that at this time of year? Some days I just want to hibernate ;)


hiya Cazvs, thanks for your reply. I had my iron levels checked a few months ago (as part of my blood pressure problems) and apparently they were ok. It may be this time of year you know, thinking about it. hmmmm.....

thanks for the heads up on the iron tablets. I shall keep an eye on that.

I would love to hibernate away - but lets get graduated first eh!!??



You know what, I think getting some fresh air and sunshine really does help. I had one of those light boxes last year but running as the sun comes up works a lot better!


Apparently, runners are prone to low iron levels but probably best to have it checked rather than take the tablets unneccesarily - they can cause constipation and that will probably make you feel a bit sluggish too :-(

Vitamin B supplements can be good for tiredness. I've found oatcakes before a run are good for a slow energy release.

Or perhaps you simply need an extra days rest between runs to start with, especially if you have been unwell.

I do sympathize, I've had long episodes of anemia so I know how you feel - it can be quite frustrating. I also think the dark evenings and mornings drag me down.

Hope you feel more energetic soon :-)


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