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Feelin' it, week4

Found the step up to week 4 a good challenge. My knees are certainly feeling the 5 minute runs but it was a great feeling when Laura pointed out I'd run more than walked in the session - that's cool! Do feel quietly knackered now tho.

I'm very grateful for this programme so I hope I don't sound awful BUT, that audio track after the first 5 min run in week 4 is so bad I just have to put it out there. It sounds like a rip off of Nik kershaw 'wouldn't it be good' - was anyone else waiting to hear those lyrics?

But that is my only complaint. I think this programme is a real gift. Have any of you guys ever thought about trying to encourage others, like in a workplace setting, to take on something like this? I wonder if the NHS have ever tried to roll it out within big companies or the public service or anything?

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Sounds as though you've been bitten by the c25k bug, Hobbitfoot! I agree completely about wanting to broadcast the programme far and wide. So far I think I've only managed to encourage one other person to take it up and I can't quite understand why more people don't want to do the one thing that could radically change their lives for ever! Best wishes for the rest of the programme. :)


LOL i had to ditch laura and the podcasts in the end due to the pants music! I waited until there weren't walk breaks though so it wasn't too complicated. Congratulations on enjoying the program and wanting to spread the word - I agree with your comments.


Week 4 is killing me, can't finish the last 5 minute run, get to about 3 minutes and have to walk for a minute then finish it off :( last week was a bad week weather wise so never got out, and this weekend I've had a chest infection so it's gonna take me ages LOL ;)


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