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I have not disappeared!!

Still plugging away at the Stepping Stones podcast at the moment with improved success with keeping to the beat. It is interesting to see how my times have slowed (when the Endomondo app works properly!) since doing this. All within the 5k in 30 mins frame, I hasten to add. I am not complaining, just noting it. I am feeling the enormous benefits of 3x 30 mins running per week and I have still got my plan of B210k and my local Parkrun for the new year. Proud to say that this tough Autumn term has not put me off the running, even with a Quality Review from the friendly Challenge Partners and a less friendly visit from Ofsted.

I am glad I went back to the 30 minute runs as Speed was good but only got me moving for 16 mins and I felt my stamina might slip otherwise. And Stamina (the podcast) was as gruelling as one of you guys said. Two Sundays of those was enough till I felt (feel?) I have the regular beat thing sorted. It may be that I try again but I will probably go for B210k before I do so, then see what I feel. And now, end of term festivities and a trip over the border to visit my parents means certain disruption, or at least re-jigging my runs. But it is the best thing and my message as ever to all is, 'Keep running'.

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Hi janda, sounds like you are doing great. I am doing speed podcast once a week as one of my 3 runs, but I'm doing it with my adapted version of Bupa 10K training, which essentially means I have one 'time' target each week and one 'distance' target each week. I'm really enjoying the mix and it is quite handy to have one short workout on days like today, when I neeed to dash out and only had 45 minutes to spare (including time for shower).

I haven't tried the stamina and stepping stones yet, I'd like to try them, but what I'm doing seems to be working well for me and I think that is the key: there is no overall right or wrong way to do it, just what suits you and your life really.

well done on keeping going through Ofsted, etc, I'm sure this will have helped you manage your stress levels (I went through Ofsted as a school governor and that was bad enough, I really felt for our teachers and they got a really hard time, despite the majority of them doing a great job under challenging circumstances).

Keep it up and I hope you get a chance to run at your folks' when you are visiting.

Happy running :-)


Thanks Vixiej. It might be a mix that I really want longer term. I liked Speed so may give it a go this week with all the complications of this week. Well done to you being a school governor: serious volunteering! Our governors are a good bunch and played their part in making it a successful inspection. Thanks for all the encouragement.


Hi Janda, So pleased you're mastering Stepping Stones and you like speed too. it was me that said Stamina is grueling.......! :-)

Still out with my knee, but it is improving. I will restart with stepping stones, I think, in a few weeks, once the knee is stable and has stopped hurting so much.

Ofsted is so stressful-glad you got through it ok. My daughter and son are teachers, so have the dreaded lurgy to go through too.

Do enjoy running over the border, wherever that may be, and have a great Christmas.

Meanwhile, Keep on Running :-)

Colette x


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