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How good are the Garmin devices for tracking distance

I'd like to know from those that use them how good the Garmin devices are for tracking your distance I have read about people buying the Garmin 110. I track my route on the PC beforehand using gmap-pedometer but it would be better to have something record my route as I run. I run a mixture of streets, pathways through housing estates linking park areas, run around the park areas etc. so wonder if the Garmin would track all this or does it only recognise running on roads?

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Well done you on graduating! :-)

I've got a Garmin Forerunner 10. It tracks you anywhere, on and off road, and I've used it in woods too with no problems. It records speed, time, distance, when you upload it puts your run into nifty little diagrams, keeps records for you and tells you if you've made a new record. It shows your run on a street/area map, and on a satellite map too.

What it doesn't do is heart rate, for that you'd need the 110.

Happy running! :-)


I've just started using my Garmin 110 and it accurately tracks my route around streets, cut-throughs, alleys, cemeteries and playing fields. I don't use the heart monitor every time but did find it reassuring to know that my heart is operating within safe limits!


Yes it tracks every step everywhere you go so I fully recommend one. I have the 110 and just love it!! Go buy!


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