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Been missing in action for a while ..... looks like I need to go back to W1

Well, a few weeks ago I ventured outside one cold Thursday morning. I have not run since then! But I do look at the blog posts on here and you are all doing so well.

I must have hurt my knee or something, or perhaps it is just the cold weather, but it was quite inflamed and sore. And now for the past week I have been laid up with this awful coldy-fluey bug that everyone seems to have at the moment. I have not been to the gym and I have not ventured out running either.

I will definitely get back to it before the year is out - whether indoors or outdoors - even just to feel like moving faster than a snail's pace would be a bonus right now. I am still determined to do a 5k by Spring time - that would be a major achievement and a super boost.

Happy running everyone!

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Hi mummy i hope your knee is better soon. I have problems with mine too.

Maybe you could try a brisk walk once youre ok to slip you very gently

back into running. Its still extremely good exercise. Good luck and get

well soon, Ed x


Do you do leg strengthening exercises too mummy? :-)

There's a video somewhere with a sports doc who says if you run, you should strengthen. (and stretch)

Here are some:

Note the bit that says it shouldn't hurt to do them and if it does, stop.

I'm sure I'd have had fewer problems with my knees if I'd been strengthening right from the start.

Good luck!


Oh will check that link out! Thanks both of you. I do worry about my knees not being fit for running generally - but I really don't want to give it up now that i have started!


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