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Bring back the cold and dark

Just completed W2R2, my first run where it has been proper daylight and also the first (and possibly last) in the rain. It was only a very light spit when I set out and those clever weathermen were assuring me that it shouldn't even be doing that and sunshine was imminent. Needless to say as I hit the 15 minute point thee avens opened, I much preferred it when it was cold and dry ??

It's also the first time I've seen many other people. Why does The Evil One always tell me to start walking about 20 yards short of other people coming towards me (the only people in sight), obliging me to run a bit further until I'm past them?

(As I write this there are blue skies and bright sunshine ??)

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Murphys law kicks in again :-). I have just finished W3 and i have always tried not

to worry about what other people think. Other runners are very friendly, i think most

of us are in the same boat. Just get out there and enjoy yourself, Ed x


It's not the other runners, it's the dog walkers !


Don't worry about what dog walkers think - most of them are probably secretly envious (I was one of them until I started c25k!). When I first started I had little responses prepared in case anyone said something vaguely cheeky to me (not great at thinking on the hoof as it were!). :) Needless to say everyone I've met has been friendly, polite and encouraging - I'm actually slightly disappointed as I had some great comebacks ready! :)


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