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Is anyone else having problems with Mapmyrun

Ok so i have a well known phone for which you can download apps. I kind of know how it works :-) so I don't think it's user error but everytime i use the mapmyrun app it crashes when i save. I have the wifi, mobile data and 3G on but still is loses it.

It did work fine am I the only one having problems?

I've been tryign new routes and some haven't been as far but it's nice to know how far you've gone in what time and compare results.

Any ideas/tips woudl be much appreciated

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Hi allie do you have problems with it on your computer and or your phone?

I ask because if you have all your runs stored on the website i guess you

can delete the prog off your phone and they will be retained on the website.

I havent had any probs with it but maybe that would help, Ed x


Not had any problems with the app on my phone or on the computer


Hi, I had a GPS problem with Mapmyrun recently on my iphone. I unistalled the app and reinstalled it and it has been fine ever since.

You wont lose any info as it's all stored online. There are also instructions for all the steps to take to reset it on the FAQ section of the website.


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